Solar green roofs

Integrate green roofs and solar power into a single symbiotic system

We combine solar electric panels with green roofing technology to transform your roof into a green amenity space that also generates electricity

solar green roofs

Why choose between going solar or building a green roof, when you can have both? Integrated Solar Green Roofs are a tidy package.  Or build a green roof under your existing solar canopy. Either way, have your cake and eat it too: enjoy a green oasis while also slashing your energy bill.

integrated solar canopy green roof

What is a solar green roof?

A solar green roof is a green roof which has integrated solar panels. Solar panel supports are held down by the weight of green roof layers, eliminating the need for anchor points penetrating your roof. Due to the cooling effect of green roof plants underneath, solar green roof panels produce up to 16% more electricity in the summer than standard rooftop solar systems.

solar green roof energy water management
Benefits of solar green roofs
Solar Green Roof Brooklyn NYC PV Integrated Garden
  • Converts your unused rooftop into a high ROI opportunity
  • Boosted electricity production leads to deeper utility bill savings
  • Protection of existing roof membrane from UV radiation increases lifespan and prevents leaks
  • Increases property value thanks to unique, beautiful amenity space exclusive to occupants
  • Improves quality of life via immediate access to nature
  • All the environmental benefits of green roofs and solar panels
  • Earns credits for LEED and WELL building standards
Facts and figures
Amount by which your summer cooling costs can be cut (as compared to a standard roof)
payback period (in years) of a Solar Green Roof
boost in solar panel electricity production when solar panels are integrated with a green roof




solor green roof process

There is no denying the surge in demand for rooftop solar electric systems.  The same is true for green roofs as city dwellers are demanding access to nature and energy efficiency upgrades for their buildings.  Integrated solar green roofs give all the benefits of both technologies.  Plus, each technology boosts the performance of the other. Many building owners are cover their entire roof with greenery; one-half of the roof is then covered in solar panels and the other half is used as an amenity space for residents.

You want rooftop solar to eliminate your electric bill, but you also want an amenity space that boosts every day quality of life and property values. With an Urbanstrong solar green roof, you can have the best of both worlds, and more.  We will work with you to design a system that fits your budget and improves your lifestyle.  Just ask us.

Create a combined free energy generator and amenity space you can actually enjoy, with a proven return on investment, all while improving the environment around you.

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