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We bring you living walls and other green building technologies that improve occupant health and wellness, increase productivity and creativity, boost property value, and show your commitment to the environment.

Living walls
Green space dividers

Continuing Education: Urbanstrong offers 1-hour continuing education sessions, eligible for credits with AIA CES, LA CES, and GBCI CMP. Contact us to schedule an introductory presentation to green roofs, integrated solar green roofs, and living walls.

Located in Brooklyn, New York, our full-service, green building technology team is made up of highly experienced professionals, each leaders in their respective fields.  We offer design, build and maintenance services for living green wall gardens, green space dividers and other plant-based installations.

Our team brings decades of leadership experience in finance, engineering, design, and construction.   In total we have installed hundreds of thousands of square feet of green building projects throughout the greater northeast over the past 10+ years, including iconic landmarks, schools, offices, restaurants, condos, and brownstones.

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