Green space dividers

Get rid of those drab cubicle walls

Organize and break up your space with noise-muffling, vibrant green dividers

We offer multi-beneficial green space dividers that are the ultimate tool in flexible
space planning.

These dividers bring nature indoors, while cleaning the air, muffling noise and
organizing the space where you work or live

Green space dividers come in a vast variety of styles and sizes, depending on
your space requirements and budget.

What is a living wall?

Types of living space dividers

Urbanstrong offers several different options for living wall technologies which
can be customized to meet your design parameters and budget:

Self-Watering Plant Shelving

This automated yet elegant system is made up of lush greenery planted in modern wooden shelves , creating a beautiful piece of furniture that divides your work or living space.

The unit is very low-maintenance, with built-in automated irrigation and neat lighting, adjusted to the exact conditions that plants require.

We choose the right plants and shelving unit size based on your design goals and space’s lighting conditions

Mobile Self-Contained Living Wall

This living wall is a free-standing, furniture-like unit with optional castor wheels, and plugs into a standard 120V outlet for ultimate portability. It is available in both one-sided and double-sided formats. The plant surface muffles noise and acts as a space divider.

This unit is completely self-contained, with built-in irrigation, water tank and lighting. Plant root microbes purify stale indoor air of harmful chemicals.  The silent fans return the pure and naturalized air back into the room.

Installation of this living wall takes hours, not weeks, and is non-invasive; it can be done during work hours with minimal disturbance.

This unit is best for flexible space planning.

Living Artwork Dividers

Among the most portable divider options, our living artwork options come free-standing, double-sided, or hung on the wall as easily as hanging a painting.

These units do not require electricity, and tanks built into the frame hold 4-6 weeks worth of water. Available in a variety of sizes and finishes, frames can include custom graphics or logos. This is the best choice for small or
temporary installations.

Living moss wall with irrigation and drip tray.

Green space dividers are the ultimate solution to organizing the spaces in which you live, work, or play using beautiful, lush plant displays. These installations can replace drab cubicles in offices, or they can separate a kitchen from a living room in an open plan apartment. The options are limitless.

A thriving green space divider has a major impact on occupants’ health and happiness. The plants passively clean and cool the air, and muffle indoor noise. Meanwhile, they also make for splendid plant-based works of living art. We have a range of green space divider technologies and will find a solution that fits your needs.

Organize your space while bringing the benefits and beauty of nature indoors

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