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Installing green roofs is a smart way of re-investing in your building or home. A green roof will protect the roof membrane from future replacements, reduce your energy bills, and boost your property value by creating a new amenity space to relax and enjoy nature.

What is a green roof?

A green roof system is an extension of the existing roof that involves a durable waterproofing and root repellant system, a drainage system, filter cloth, a lightweight growing medium, and plants. Green roofs can be integrated with solar power and can include agriculture. Green roofs range significantly in style, function, and price.

Benefits of green roofs

  • Private, aesthetically pleasing amenity space
  • Boost in property value
  • Improvement in roof insulation reduces energy expenditure
  • Improved noise insulation
  • Longer lasting roof membrane cuts roof replacement costs
  • Potential integration with solar panels
  • Potential source of fresh-grown food
  • Contributes to LEED and WELL building standards
  • Environmental benefits, including stormwater management, reduction in urban heat index, and improved biodiversity
Facts and figures
Reduction in summer A/C cooling costs possible
Number of LEED credits which can be earned with a green roof
Potential increase in property value for buildings with a green roof amenity space
Years added to lifespan of an existing roof membrane protected with a green roof
Amount of Green Roof project costs potentially reimbursed for eligible buildings in New York City
Amount taken off your next year’s property taxes per square foot of green roof installed in New York City





Continuing Education: Urbanstrong offers 1-hour continuing education sessions, eligible for credits with AIA CES, LA CES, and GBCI CMP. Contact us to schedule an introductory presentation to green roofs, integrated solar green roofs, and living walls.

Green roof gardens are sprouting up all around the country. Hotels, convention centers, arenas, and corporations are finding green roofs to be a great way to add an attractive park-like amenity space on top of their buildings, improve their brand image, and cut summer cooling costs. Schools and hospitals install green roofs to give people inside a chance to enjoy the mental health benefits of connecting with nature without even leaving the building. Co-ops and condominiums also use lush green roof gardens to upgrade the quality of life of their tenants, differentiate buildings from local marketplace competition, and see an increase in property value and rental rates. Who wouldn’t want to live in a building with a private park on the roof?

We will work with you to design a green roof system that fits your budget and improves your lifestyle.  Just ask us.

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