Project Description

“I am glad I will not be young in a future without wilderness.”

― Aldo Leopold


i grew up playing in a ravine, four seasons a year. we enjoyed the creek and the creatures that lived and swam in it. we looked up at the trees and built forts in them. we watched the leaves change through brilliant spectrums of colour, and then we looked for animal tracks in the snow. as the seasons changed and i got older, nature continued to reveal different shades of her beauty and interesting features. i was continuously kept somewhere between amazed and intrigued. i cannot imagine a childhood without this ever-changing, amazing source of wonder.

thanks to this, i have an appreciation for not only the infinite beauty of nature, but also the importance of the resources she provides…resources that we need to use sparingly, with respect, so that we can live in balance on this planet with all the other people and creatures we share it with.