Project Description

this massive, 17,000 square foot green roof atop Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan’s Union Square vicinity, is a welcome addition for tenants who live in the four Zeckendorf residential towers surrounding the site.  keeping up with cutting edge development, owners decided to place a green roof on top of a new waterproofing system in the courtyard when it was time to replace the original membrane.

upon completion of this project, unit owners were able to take advantage of a significant tax abatement incentive available from the city of New York’s plaNYC to help cover the cost of installation.

soil depths range from 1”- 24” and allow for a rich planting palette that includes shrubs, herbaceous perennials, trees, and a succulent groundcover mix inoculated with mosses. along with an incredible 170 cubic yards of growing media, these plants act to mitigate storm water-related issues, reduce energy and maintenance costs by protecting the waterproofing from excessive sun exposure and increased heat retention, while beautifying and increasing property values.