Project Description

urbanstrong is honored to be a part of this very special project.   the visionaries behind this undertaking are converting a a broken down, dirty townhouse on the upper west side of manhattan, into a showcase of green building technologies.   the project is called VIRIDIAN FUTURE ONE and you can follow the development on the dedicated blog hosted here:

for this project, urbanstrong’s green roof team has designed three green roof areas (two large walk-outs and one small balcony) and a green façade in the basement’s rear green house space.   also included is a solar pv system on the sixth floor roof.

to date, urbanstrong has already participated in multiple site tours (NESEA Building Tour & Passive House Days Tour) and presentations on the details of this incredible project.

many other green building technologies can be explored on the site’s blog, including:

  • passive house building techniques
  • rainwater collection (to feed plumbing and irrigation)
  • recycled, or indefinitely recyclable, or sustainably sourced building materials

Viridian Future has 4 objectives;

  1. To dramatically renovate 130 West 95th to Platinum LEED certification, to strive for the ultimate by registering for the Living Building Challenge, and to be a comfortable, inviting place to live.
  2. To inspire others to transform their homes to make a difference to the environment-(imagine if all Manhattan homes had living roofs??)
  3. To educate youngsters about sustainable living so that when they build their own homes ‘this is just the way we do things’
  4. To create a proven launch vehicle for a number of other similar renovations under the banner of “Viridian Future”.