NYC’s Green Roof Tax Abatement Program is Officially Back – and Better Than Ever

Having already passed the Senate yesterday, NYC's Green Roof Tax Abatement Bill (Senate Bill S5554B) was unanimously passed today (June 18 2019) on the Assembly floor up in Albany.  Essentially the NYC Green Roof Property Tax Abatement is officially back...and better than ever! (UPDATE, JULY 3, 2019:   S5554B has just been signed this morning by [...]

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Financial Incentives for Solar and Green Roofs in NYC & Beyond

By Jessica Greenspan and Alan Burchell There are numerous financial incentives in NYC and other cities that encourage the construction of green roofs and solar systems. The incentives from each technology can be applied to the entire system to dramatically reduce a customer’s initial investment. Read on for a quick overview of programs. NYC incentives [...]

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