DIY Living Walls

DIY Living Walls Urbanstrong offers a wide variety of living wall systems of varying shapes and sizes to fit different needs and budgets including DIY living walls. Budget-wise, we are able to accommodate an extremely broad range. For example, we’ve managed all from $300 projects for apartment dwellers to $300,000 projects for major corporations. We [...]

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A Recent Project: Greening NYC’s Rosé Wine Mansion

Channeling the Other New York  Image credit: Lauren Masur This summer, Urbanstrong took on the project of greening NYC's Rosé Wine Mansion. We installed two 7-foot-tall living walls and incorporated other plants into the 2-story, 14-room space. Rosé Wine Mansion is an interactive museum where rosé wine lovers can sample the drink from all around [...]

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IFF Lobby Living Wall – Our Latest Installation

Reflecting a commitment to plants through our installation at IFF Urbanstrong’s most recent installation is a large living wall for International Flavors and Fragrances' (IFF).  The system is 24 feet tall by 24 feet wide, roughly 575 square-feet in area.  The installation is located in the lobby of IFF's R&D facility in Union Beach, New Jersey. [...]

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‘Fresh in February’ Urban Agriculture Event – NYC Feb 20 2018

Interested in Urban Farming and Agriculture?  Funny, so is Urbanstrong. Read below to attend our afternoon of FARM TOURS and evening EVENT dedicated to all things Urban Agriculture and AgTech: Where else can you find fresh, LOCALLY GROWN produce in below-freezing weather?  Luckily, NYC is chock full of local urban farms that grow produce all [...]

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Businesses turning to green infrastructure to craft a green brand

Businesses turning to green infrastructure to craft a green brand by Leeza McKeown May 25, 2017 “Going green” is no longer a fringe social movement. It is increasingly becoming core to the operational and brand strategy for successful businesses. Sustainability as a customer preference Customer preferences are trending toward purchasing from environmentally conscious companies. In particular, shoppers [...]

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Living walls: the interior design trend that makes you happier, healthier, and, yes, even smarter!

by leeza mckeown & alan burchell living green wall april 10 2017 The hot trend of installing living walls (aka: vertical gardens, green walls, plant walls, or live walls) in our homes, offices, schools and restaurants is sweeping like wildfire across cities the world over, and at the outset, it’s pretty easy to see why: they [...]

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Intro to Green Roofs, Part 3 of 3: Types and Layers

by alan burchell & rubyana lyon green roof mar 3 2017 Types of Green Roofs Each green roof is unique, as their designs and performance vary by region, climate,  and building type and use.  Simpler, shallower, cheaper green roofs with limited variety of plants are called ‘extensive green roofs.’ These systems are easy to install, require little to [...]

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Intro to Green Roofs, Part 2 of 3: The Benefits for Building Owners, Occupants and Everyone Else

by alan burchell & rubyana lyon green roofs feb 28 2017 A future blog series will deep dive into the details of each green roof benefit, but for now, here is a brief run down grouped into two categories: Private benefits (enjoyed by building owners and occupants) and Public benefits (how green roofs benefit their local economy, [...]

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Intro to Green Roofs, Part 1 of 3: What is a Green Roof, and Why do I Need one?

by alan burchell & rubyana lyon   green roof feb 26 2017 The History of the Green Roof Image: Vincent Callebaut Amongst the memes and cat pics on your social media feeds, you may have also seen pictures of futuristic or fantastical looking buildings utterly wrapped in greenery and topped with a green roof.  Such [...]

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