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The green scene on instagram is certainly something to follow. Instagram users are taking over the gram and sharing their own lifestyle tips on how to live sustainably. From food, travel, beauty and charity, these are some of our favorite accounts that are making a difference in the photographical eco-world.

1: @livingprettynaturally
Kate Murphy, a natural beauty and wellness blogger, shares motivational quotes, yoga photos, and her picks for all natural beauty products. Her instagram is a source for green products, eco lifestyle tips, natural health information, recipes, and reviews.

2: @milkwood_permaculture
This account shares stories and skills on permaculture and community living. Learn about beekeeping, building a chicken coop, growing plants and cooking them.

3: @moodofliving
Founded by Kate Moodie, Mood of Living is a digital lifestyle magazine that inspires readers to engage in a community continuously revolving around effortless beauty, awakening of the senses and, most of all, the quality of life. This instagram account shares stories of creative visionaries around the world.

4: @thegrowist
From beautiful flowers, to gardening tips and tricks The Growist is your go to for all things garden. Her account brings nature to your phone.

5: @mindbodygreen
MindBodyGreen is a lifestyle brand dedicated to revitalizing the way people eat, move and live. They bring together all aspects of wellness; mental, physical, spiritual, emotional, and environmental. Presenting the idea that wellness is a multifaceted approach, similar to maintaining a sustainable lifestyle.

6: @valhallamovement
The Valhalla Movement has a mission to make sustainable communal living mainstream. Their instagram showcases Valhalla’s sustainable solutions relating to human needs: food, shelter, water, energy & social structure.

7: @creativegreenliving
Carissa Bonham, a Portland based blogger, shares her gardening, DIY, and recipe tips that include healthier and green choices. Her instagram showcases her delicious recipes, beautiful garden, creative eco friendly crafts, and of course her adorable children. Going green never looked so fun!

8: @wornwear
Created by Patagonia, The Worn Wear program shares the stories behind their garments. As a company, Patagonia celebrates their environmental and social responsibility by producing high quality gear that lasts for years.

9: @lettherebewater
Let there be water is a movement to prevent the fast-approaching global water crisis by rethinking agricultural practices, championing water treatment technology, and being conscious in our daily water habits. Their instagram feature breathtaking landscapes and infographics about water conservation.

10: @urbanstrongnyc
At urbanstrong we believe that reintroducing nature into our cities will improve quality of life for everyone. We transform your rooftops into garden spaces that clean the air and public waterways, and save (and even produce) valuable energy. The fresh, clean air supplied by our lush, green, plant wall installations will keep your family, guests, patients or employees healthy and alert while living and working indoors. Not only does urbanstrong’s instagram feed showcase our installations around the country, but it also promotes awareness of issues, news, tips, mantras, technologies and heroes of clean, sustainable, city living.

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Know of any other inspiring, green instagram accounts you think everyone absolutely NEEDS to be following?  Let us know in the comments to be highlighted in our next ‘best of the gram‘ post!   ciao for now.