Project Description

completed in may 2012, this lush 7,000 square foot green roof project is nestled high up amongst the towers of midtown manhattan. designed by HM White Site Architects, this semi-intensive green roof features diverse perennial plantings integrated with ipe decking as well as a 3-hole putting green. a series of beautiful, rolling topographic features create an undulating meadow landscape that stands in stark contrast to the highly urban context.  its existence will not only enhance the experience of it’s users for years to come, but will also serve as a representation for progressive ecological design in the built-environment, reflecting what we can do to make our cities more livable, efficient, and sustainable.

Project Description

urbanstrong consulted this multi-unit industrial building owner on several options available to them for converting their undeveloped rooftop space from a dead cost center into a sustainable, environmentally friendly revenue stream.   options explored included developing the space into a soil-based farm and/or greenhouse to be leased out to urban farmers.    in the end they opted for a rooftop solar photovoltaic system, installing january 2016, which will completely eliminate the utility bill for all tenant units.   they plan to sell the electricity produced to their tenants at a lower rate than what they would otherwise pay to the local utility.  tenants save money, owner earns a monthly profit, and property values (and lease rates) go up in the long run as forward-thinking tenants are attracted to the space (along with all tenants interested in savings).

and then there's also the serious environmental benefits from producing clean energy equivalent to planting over 45,000 trees, driving 3,900,000 auto miles, displacing CO2 emissions equivalent to 220 homes, or burning 1,900,000 pounds (950 tons) of coal.

Project Description

client:  Rutgers University, NJ Institute for Food, Nutrition & Health

measuring 40 feet tall by 33 feet wide, this hydroponic, living wall is composed of 75 to 100 various flora and foliage species with 6,500 individual plants. situated near a staircase under the atrium, the living wall is a stunning testament of nature’s beauty as it creeps around the corners, and glimpses of it can be seen throughout the building.

Project Description

this urbanstrong project is currently being designed for a condo in upstate new york.

the integrated solar green roof will bring all the advantages of two incredible green building technologies:  solar electric panels AND vegetated green roof.

the solar panels will offset 100% of the common area electricity bills (hallways, lobby, laundry, elevators, exterior lighting), dramatically reducing monthly energy bills.

meanwhile the water-tight green roof will insulate the top floors, help to manage stormwater and avoid flooding, and provide a private, lush amenity space with sweeping river valley views, boosting property values for all units in building.

Project Description

this urbanstrong planted living green wall in the lobby of a co-op on the upper east side of manhattan makes a striking first impression on visitors to the building.

how many people do you see taking selfies in front of a marble wall?    a much better investment for your building, home or office entrance way is a LIVE, planted wall.

check out all our other projects to see what's possible...and then drop us a line.

Project Description

a sprawling, extensive green roof on 16,000 square-foot industrial park warehouse rooftop in queens, new york.

Project Description

urbanstrong is honored to be a part of this very special project.   the visionaries behind this undertaking are converting a a broken down, dirty townhouse on the upper west side of manhattan, into a showcase of green building technologies.   the project is called VIRIDIAN FUTURE ONE and you can follow the development on the dedicated blog hosted here:  http://viridianfuture.com/

for this project, urbanstrong's green roof team has designed three green roof areas (two large walk-outs and one small balcony) and a green façade in the basement's rear green house space.   also included is a solar pv system on the sixth floor roof.

to date, urbanstrong has already participated in multiple site tours (NESEA Building Tour & Passive House Days Tour) and presentations on the details of this incredible project.

many other green building technologies can be explored on the site's blog, including:

  • passive house building techniques
  • rainwater collection (to feed plumbing and irrigation)
  • recycled, or indefinitely recyclable, or sustainably sourced building materials

Viridian Future has 4 objectives;

  1. To dramatically renovate 130 West 95th to Platinum LEED certification, to strive for the ultimate by registering for the Living Building Challenge, and to be a comfortable, inviting place to live.
  2. To inspire others to transform their homes to make a difference to the environment-(imagine if all Manhattan homes had living roofs??)
  3. To educate youngsters about sustainable living so that when they build their own homes ‘this is just the way we do things’
  4. To create a proven launch vehicle for a number of other similar renovations under the banner of “Viridian Future”.

Project Description

a brownstone townhouse in park slope, brooklyn showcasing all that is possible in a luxury roof development:

  • vegetable garden
  • intensive green roof with a wide variety of meadowy plant species and grasses
  • integrated solar photovoltaic panels to dramatically reduce the home's monthly electricity bills
  • paving stone walkway, and
  • decking area with BBQ and seating

all the amenity and energy efficiency benefits of green roofs and solar energy, together in one system, exclusively for your family, right upstairs.

Project Description

a co-op condo showcasing all that is possible in a large, multi-family roof development:

  • a mix of simple, extensive green roofing with lush, meadowy, intensive green roofing to achieve a blend of form and function
  • a wide variety of plant species:  colorful plants, long grasses and short, hardy sedums
  • a green roof integrated solar photovoltaic system that completely ELIMINATES all common area electrical bills, dramatically reducing monthly fees, and improving property values for all units
  • vegetable garden
  • paving stone walkways, and
  • decking area with BBQ and seating

all the park-like amenity and energy efficiency benefits of green roofs and solar energy, together in one system, exclusively for building residents, just a short elevator ride away.

Project Description

this massive, 17,000 square foot green roof atop Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan's Union Square vicinity, is a welcome addition for tenants who live in the four Zeckendorf residential towers surrounding the site.  keeping up with cutting edge development, owners decided to place a green roof on top of a new waterproofing system in the courtyard when it was time to replace the original membrane.

upon completion of this project, unit owners were able to take advantage of a significant tax abatement incentive available from the city of New York’s plaNYC to help cover the cost of installation.

soil depths range from 1”- 24” and allow for a rich planting palette that includes shrubs, herbaceous perennials, trees, and a succulent groundcover mix inoculated with mosses. along with an incredible 170 cubic yards of growing media, these plants act to mitigate storm water-related issues, reduce energy and maintenance costs by protecting the waterproofing from excessive sun exposure and increased heat retention, while beautifying and increasing property values.

Project Description

make an striking first impression in your company lobby by integrating your logo into an urbanstrong living wall.

featured here: General Electric Ventures in menlo park, california.

Project Description

client:  america bible study

philadelphia, pennsylvania

Project Description

PS41 (Public School 41), is a public elementary K–5 neighborhood cachement school.  founded in 1867, P.S. 41 is located in greenwich village in manhattan.

the Green Roof Environmental Literacy Laboratory (GELL) at PS 41 establishes a living lab to boost environmental literacy and enable students to learn about their stewardship role in the health of the planet. Students also use GELL for hands on lessons in chemistry, biology, mathematics, nutrition and aesthetics.  the vegetated rooftop provides habitat for birds, bats, butterflies and other insects, reduces the city’s carbon footprint and mitigates storm water runoff.

Project Description

designed and built atop a residential townhome in Brooklyn, this 350 square foot intensive green roof acts as a primary outdoor amenity space for a family of four.  a rich plant community that includes shrubs and grasses, flowering perennials, sedums, and low growing groundcovers is combined with tumbled bluestone walkways, decking, and planters to create a garden used for outdoor recreation, entertainment, and growing vegetables.

the owners also use the roof to reduce their environmental footprint and their electric bill with incorporated solar panels, which produce approximately 50% of the home’s energy needs. the green roof helps the photovoltaic elements produce more reliable power during high summer temperatures by keeping the roof cool.