Living walls

Transform your walls into vibrant vertical gardens

Join the hot design trend and install a green living wall in your building lobby, business, or residence to make a striking impression!

living walls

We custom design and install living walls with an endless variety of plant types and configurations. These striking works of art clean and cool the air, insulate noise, promote mental health, and earn big points with LEED and WELL building standards!

living walls
Living Wall Panel Cross Section

What is a living wall?

Living wall systems are composed of pre-vegetated panels, modules, planted blankets or bags that are affixed onto a structural wall or free-standing frame. More complex systems are hydroponic (no soil is used) and have built-in irrigation systems that automatically water themselves, and can even be monitored remotely via the internet…requiring you to do nothing, except enjoy the scenery.

Benefits of living walls
  • Beautiful and trendy work of art – a great conversation piece
  • Increases property value
  • Cools and cleans the air
  • Qualify for LEED and WELL Building Standard credits
  • Boosts productivity and creativity
  • Provides noise insulation
  • Promotes mental health
  • Can be used to grow fresh herbs
Facts and figures
Number of LEED credits for which living walls directly qualify (and they can contribute to an additional 30 more)
Additional sale prices fetched by products sold in greener retail areas due to boosted image perception
How much sooner patients with views of nature recover while in the hospital
Higher profit margins earned in retail shops with natural greenery
Productivity improvement of students and employees when their stress levels and blood pressure are lowered by living walls
Amount by which indoor living walls can reduce A/C energy bills by lowering room temperatures by anywhere from 5 to 12°F
Amount of employee absences that can be attributed to architecture with no connection to nature




Indoor green living walls are a hot trend with offices, luxury hotel chains, restaurants, and spas looking to breathe life into their lobbies.  Some of our green roof team’s recent living wall projects include a Soho bakery, two NYC-area universities, a famous theme park, and numerous private residences.

A thriving green wall in a lobby makes a striking first impression and tends to be a conversation-starter. It is a beautiful living work of art that cools and cleans the air and has been proven to have a positive impact on the health and wellbeing of building occupants. Living walls differentiate co-ops, condos, and other buildings from their local marketplace competition, resulting in a boost in rental rates and re-sale value of all units in the building. We have a range of living wall technologies and will find a solution that fits your budget.  Just ask us.

Bring all the benefits and beauty of nature indoors with a living wall

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