A Recent Project: Greening NYC’s Rosé Wine Mansion

Channeling the Other New York  Image credit: Lauren Masur This summer, Urbanstrong took on the project of greening NYC's Rosé Wine Mansion. We installed two 7-foot-tall living walls and incorporated other plants into the 2-story, 14-room space. Rosé Wine Mansion is an interactive museum where rosé wine lovers can sample the drink from all around [...]

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IFF Lobby Living Wall – Our Latest Installation

Reflecting a commitment to plants through our installation at IFF Urbanstrong’s most recent installation is a large living wall for International Flavors and Fragrances' (IFF).  The system is 24 feet tall by 24 feet wide, roughly 575 square-feet in area.  The installation is located in the lobby of IFF's R&D facility in Union Beach, New Jersey. [...]

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Essential Green Podcasts for the Environmentally Conscious

Everyone is jumping on the podcast bandwagon. They're quick and easy entertainment, and they're great for keeping up with the news and learning new things on the go. Urbanstrong knows that you're always looking for recommendations, so we put together a list of podcasts about sustainability and green living. Some of these have already turned [...]

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Urbanstrong’s “Climate Baller of the Month”

In today’s world of popular media, there has been no shortage of coverage on the latest celebrity makeup lines, controversial tweetstorms, and trending YouTube challenges. Yet in the shadows of modern distractions, there have been decades of unsung heroes who have helped protect the well-being of our planet. Environmental leaders, heros, superstars, ballers, call them [...]

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Event: Introduction to Green Roofs with Alan Burchell – April 25 2018

Introduction to Green Roofs with Alan Burchell Hosted by AgTech X Wednesday, April 25, 2018 6:30pm-8:00pm   Held at the new AgTech X location 40 Bushwick Ave Brooklyn, NY 11211 United States View Map Tickets Available Here According to global design firm SOM, "there are an estimated 37 square miles of roof atop New York [...]

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‘Fresh in February’ Urban Agriculture Event – NYC Feb 20 2018

Interested in Urban Farming and Agriculture?  Funny, so is Urbanstrong. Read below to attend our afternoon of FARM TOURS and evening EVENT dedicated to all things Urban Agriculture and AgTech: Where else can you find fresh, LOCALLY GROWN produce in below-freezing weather?  Luckily, NYC is chock full of local urban farms that grow produce all [...]

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The Trickle-Down Effect of Green Roofs

By Declan Byrne and Alan Burchell  green roofs Severe rain and snow storm events pose increasingly important community risks, from flooding to contamination of drinking water, fish stocks, and public waterways. As we’ve discussed previously on this blog, green vegetated rooftops are not only a veritable Swiss Army Knife of benefits for building owners and corporations, [...]

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Financial Incentives for Solar and Green Roofs in NYC & Beyond

By Jessica Greenspan and Alan Burchell There are numerous financial incentives in NYC and other cities that encourage the construction of green roofs and solar systems. The incentives from each technology can be applied to the entire system to dramatically reduce a customer’s initial investment. Read on for a quick overview of programs. NYC incentives [...]

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Integrated Solar Green Roofs are for the Greedy

by Alan Burchell and Jessica Greenspan Rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems and green rooftop gardens are two environmentally-friendly technologies that have experienced a steady rise in popularity in recent years. A common misconception is that they are mutually exclusive concepts, competitors for both rooftop space and photons. However, with Urbanstrong's Solar Green Roofs, not only [...]

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The Ten Most Stunning Living Wall Installations Around NYC

by Jessica Greenspan Cramped, grimy, urban. These are the words typically used to describe New York City. And people both love it and hate it for that. Look a bit closer though, down alleyways and inside glittering office buildings, and you might find something a bit more organic. Living walls – commonly known as green-walls [...]

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